Please join us this Fall and Winter holiday season as we present to you a festive, virtual Law Library Scavenger Hunt!! Each week we will reveal a clue and puzzle for you to solve. Solve each puzzle to find the secret code for that week and submit all scavenger hunt codes to enter to win valuable prizes including complimentary passes to the 2021 ARK Law Firm Library Conference, Amazon gift cards, Blockchain collectibles, and more!

See all prizes, keep track of all clues revealed, test out your secret codes, and submit them all on the form here on our NYLI Holiday Law Library Scavenger Hunt page.

Week 3 November 9th 2020: Find this week’s secret code by reading the morning paper!  Find this week’s image on the correct website and enter the 4-digit numeric code on the form here or on our NYLI Holiday Law Library Scavenger Hunt page.


What non-profit legal education provider/legal publisher’s name causes issues for spell check.  If you are still unsure, they were also founded by Harold Seilgson in 1933.

Now go to their legal research database and find the October issue of their latest publication the Chronicle (hint: format type is Insights).

If you’re still stumped, try solving the puzzle below!