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LLMC-Digital is an extensive archive of historical primary and specialized legal materials covering the U.S. federal and state governments, the British Commonwealth, other foreign countries, and various international organizations. Highlights:

  • U.S. federal executive agency decisions
  • Federal Judicial Center studies
  • Federal and state-level nominative reporters
  • State constitutional convention journals
  • State session laws
  • State attorney general opinions
  • The Yale Blackstone Collection [hyperlinked to http://www.llmc.com/Historical_Yale.asp]
  • United Kingdom (including English Report)
  • Canada – Federal, Provinces and Territories
  • Germany – Federal/National Government, States, Kingdoms, Free Cities
  • International Law and Organizations

A new feature of LLMC-Digital is a growing collection of state supreme court records. Many California Supreme Court and New York Court of Appeals records and briefs are already available.


Webinars on using LLMC-Digital for Records and Briefs research are provided monthly to NYLI members.  Please see the Events Calendar for the next live webinar!