We reviewed our business disaster recovery and continuity plan and are prepared.   In response to your concern, please see my comments below.  Hope this helps with your contingency planning.   Contact us at library@nyli.org. if you have any more questions or concerns.  These are trying times.  Hoping you and yours and all our colleagues stay safe.  

  • If there were widespread work-from-home arrangements due to a virus outbreak, describe your capabilities to still support our firm.
    • We plan on staying open as long as we can.  If law firms actually close their NYC office or the market or courts close, we will consider closing our offices.  If the landlord closes the building or the City requires it, we will have no choice.  In either of these closing scenarios, we will do the best we can remotely.  NLYI has some experience with remote working situations already – 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. 
  • Is your team set up and capable to work remotely as needed?
    • NYLI librarians (Lucy, Karen, Emily, Eileen, and Ellyssa) are set up with Institute laptops that provide access to all our back office operations and electronic resources.   We tested our systems last week.  We are in the cloud.
  • Are there any challenges you foresee?
    • If NYLI’s office is physically closed, we will not be able to provide print copies.
    • Don’t forget that you have 24×7 access to all of our Electronic Resources, including eBooks via the NYLI website.
  • Can you please provide us with the necessary contact details we need to interface with you?
    • library@nyli.org is the best way to contact us.   We all get email notices of voice mail.