1. Fair Elections Center – state specific guides, election reform sources, vote by mail guides
  2. Can I Vote? Nat’l Assoc. of the Secretaries of State provides voter registration,  absentee forms, valid forms of ID.
  3. US Vote Foundation Registration FAQs by state and topic
  4. Overseas Vote Foundation – nonpartisan voter services for U.S. citizens overseas & U.S. Service members
  5. Vote Riders –Provides free, practical, legal and financial assistance if you need to get ID
  6. CIRCLE – think tank focused on U.S. youth civic engagement. Research reports, data, working papers, fact sheets
  7. League of Women Voters – Candidate & proposal info as well as registration deadlines and registering to vote 
  8. State Fact Sheet on Voter Intimidation Laws – compiled by Georgetown University
  9. Project Smart Vote –Sample Ballots, Elected Officials & Candidates voting records, speeches, campaign contributions, contact information, current and past ballot measures by date & issue
  10. ACLU – Know Your Voting Rights !
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