Irish immigrants have been part of the American landscape since before the American Revolution…

Great resources of Irish History…& both available in NYLI’s eBook collection….

And some early & notable members of The NY Law Institute were Irish American Lawyers.

There’s Thomas Addis Emmet….

Thomas Addis Emmet” photograph from The Emmet Family by T.A. Emmet, M.D. Bradstreet Press: 1898.

Thomas Addis Emmet , older brother of famed Robert, was an early legal adviser to the Society of the United Irishmen . Emigrating to America after Robert’s execution, Thomas gained a reputation of legal excellence. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story stated that Thomas Addis Emmet was “…by universal consent, in the first rank of American advocates…” . The firm he founded — Emmett Marvin & Martin — is still in existence.

And Thomas Addis Emmet Jr. , born during the rebellion, would also serve as an attorney and help found The New York Law Institute.

And, if you time travelled back to the 1800s and needed a defense attorney, you could do no better than hire James T. Brady…

Former NYLI President James T. Brady had famous clients, set a historical legal precedent, and was one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys of his era.

And Brady has the added honor of a bust at The New York Law Institute !

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We’d be remiss not to mention Charles O’Conor, perhaps NYLI’s best known, and maybe its most controversial, member of the legal profession….

Charles O’Conor was one of the first celebrity lawyers. Part of just about every headline-grabbing trial of his day, O’Conor’s humble beginnings may have led him to his philanthropic endeavorsServing as NYLI President in 1869, O’Conor gave financial assistance to its library throughout his life and in death bequeathed 100 volumes to its collection.

And, for more recent news regarding Charles O’Conor, NYLI is proud to help author Bryan R. Dunlap complete The Boy from Front Street. It’s the definitive biography of the contentious Charles O’Conor and a must read for anyone interested in the rough and tumble world of 19th Century legal practice.

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