September 15 to October 15 marks Hispanic Heritage Month which recognizes the triumphs and achievements of Hispanic Americans.  Here are 56 resources to help you celebrate this month!

Politics, Law, and Government Resources

  1. Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents from Law Library of Congress
  2. Hispanic Americans in Congress from Library of Congress
  3. Hispanic Americans in Congress from U.S. House of Representatives
  4. Mexican Border Crossing Records from The National Archives
  5. Platt Amendment 1903 from The National Archives
  6. Spanish Legal Documents (15th-19th Centuries) from Library of Congress
  7. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor — Legal opinions, writings and confirmation documents from Law Library of Congress
  8. The Need for Global Democratic Governance: The Perspective from Latin America from Library of Congress
  9. Matthew Wasniewski – Hispanic Americans in Congress 1822 – 2012 from National Archives YouTube channel
  10. Prime Minister of Barbados: Owen Seymour Arthur from Library of Congress
  11. Tiburcio Carias: Portrait of a Honduran Political Leader from Library of Congress

Resource Guides

  1. Researching Latin American Law: Getting Started from Loyola University Chicago
  2. About the Hispanic, Portuguese, and Caribbean Collections: Overview and Researcher’s Guide from Library of Congress
  3. Collections Overviews – American Studies: Hispanic American Studies from Library of Congress
  4. Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) Online from Library of Congress
  5. Hispanic and Portuguese Collections: An Illustrated Guide from Library of Congress
  6. Ladino Books in the Library of Congress (Finding Aid) from Library of Congress
  7. Latin American Composers: A Guide to Resources at the Library of Congress from Library of Congress
  8. Latinx and Chicanx in STEM from Library of Congress
  9. A Latinx Resource Guide: Civil Rights Cases and Events in the United States from Library of Congress
  10. Latinx Studies: Library of Congress Resources from Library of Congress
  11. Primary Sources for Latin American Composers at the Library of Congress from Library of Congress
  12. Yo Soy (I am): The Historical Trajectory of Language in Puerto Rico from Library of Congress
  13. Documentos Fundadores En Español from The National Archives
  14. Hispanic/Latino Heritage (Research Our Records) from The National Archives
  15. Resources on Hispanic History and Genealogies in the Archives Library Information Center from The National Archives

Online Resources

  1. Hispanic Heritage Month from Library of Congress
  2. Hispanic Heritage Month from PBS
  3. Hispanic and Latino Heritage resource from The National Archives
  4. Hispanic Heritage Month records from The National Archives Catalog
  5. Prominent Hispanic Americans, and Hispanic and Latino issues in the United States  from The National Archives Catalog
  6. Records about Puerto Rico from The National Archives Catalog
  7. The Creation and Evolution of the National Hispanic Heritage Celebration from History, Art & Archives, United States House of Representatives
  8. Exhibits and Collections from The Library of Congress

Pinterest Boards:

  1. Library of Congress Pinterest board
  2. National Archives Pinterest board
  3. National Gallery of Art Pinterest board: Works by Hispanic Artists
  4. Smithsonian Institution Pinterest board


  1. Library of Congress Events
  2. Hispanic Heritage Month Events at the Library of Congress
  3. National Archives Calendar of Events
  4. National Gallery of Art Calendar of Events
  5. National Park Service Event Calendar
  6. Smithsonian Institution Heritage and History Month Events Calendar 
  7. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Events Calendar

Selected eBooks

  1. Blowout! : Sal Castro and the Chicano Struggle for Educational Justice
  2. García Márquez : The Man and His Work
  3. Latinx Literature Unbound : Undoing Ethnic Expectation
  4. Black Cuban, Black American : A Memoir
  5. Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Linguistic Heritage : Sociohistorical Approaches to Spanish in the United States
  6. El Coyote, the Rebel
  7. Recovering the Hispanic History of Texas
  8. Recovering the U.S Hispanic Literary Heritage Series
  9. Latin American Cinema
  10. Latino Politics en Ciencia Política : The Search for Latino Identity and Racial Consciousness
  11. Playing America’s Game : Baseball, Latinos, and the Color Line