March is Women’s History Month , and we highly recommend reading Women Who Built NYPL. Celebrate the women who made The New York Public Library the treasure it is today through their dedication, innovation and advocacy….

Betty L. Corwin preserved live theatre by creating NYPL’s Theatre on Film and Tape Archive. In 2001, the American Theatre Wing presented Betty with a special Tony Award in recognition of NYPL’s gift to the theatre community — performances forever captured for future generations.

Jean Blackwell Hudson was chief of the Schomburg Center from 1948 to 1980 and grew the Schomburg’s collection from 15,000 to 75,000 volumes, including the archive of her friend Langston Hughes.

Romana Javitz led The New York Public Library’s Picture Collection, improving access for patrons and focusing on capturing American folk art and crafts, particularly African American culture and art.

These — and many more! — are featured — so check out the full listing at Women Who Built the NYPL. There are so many unsung heroines of the NYPL not mentioned but long remembered ; My own personal thanks to the Children Librarians of my childhood Great Kills Branch who encouraged my love of reading and maintained a great Fairy Tale section. And gratitude to the now retired librarians of the Huguenot Park Branch who started me on my librarianship career way back when I was 16.

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