Please join us this Fall and Winter season as we host a festive, virtual Law Library Scavenger Hunt!! Each Monday for 8 weeks we will reveal a clue and puzzle on the NYLI blog and Twitter feed for participants to solve beginning Monday October 18th. As you solve puzzles, collect the weekly secret codes to submit at the end to win valuable prizes including complimentary passes to the 2022 ARK Law Firm Library Conference, Amazon gift cards, Walt Disney World passes, and more!

See all prizes, keep track of all clues revealed, test out your secret codes, and submit them all on the form here on our  2021 Law Library Scavenger Hunt page!

Week 5 November 15th 2021: Find this week’s secret code by following the owl’s advice.  Find this image with it’s secret code on the correct webpage and enter the 4-digit numeric code on the form here or on our 2021 Law Library Scavenger Hunt page!

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