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Contact: Ellyssa Valenti Kroski   
Director of Information Technology/Marketing 
The new York Law Institute

Contact: Steven Duanne Harvey
Executive Director   
New York Legislative Service                           

(New York, NY – Nov 30, 2020) The New York Law Institute (NYLI), a membership law library, has announced that the New York Legislative Service (NYLS) has moved in to their library space at 120 Broadway in the historic Equitable Building.  The New York Legislative Service’s Library of Legislative Intent holds the most extensive, digitized New York State bill jacket collection from the 1800s to the current year as well as the most comprehensive, digitized collection of the New York Codes, Rules & Regulations (NYCRR) superseded languages and histories.

“We welcome sharing space and mission with the New York Legislative Service”, said Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, NYLI’s Executive Director, “We’re both non-profits with a history of service to furthering the research needs of the legal community”.

“As we proudly approach our 88th year of serving the law community, we look forward to this new chapter with the New York Law Institute,” says Steve Harvey, NYLS Executive Director, “We believe this partnership will benefit our clients, as well as our two organizations.”

The NYLS has moved into Suite 920, adjacent to NYLI’s Reading Room.

About The New York Law Institute
Founded in 1828, NYLI is a responsive membership law library and portal to legal information offering state of the art functionality and easy access to multiple sources of information.  As members have come to expect, NYLI’s enhanced services feature customized access to essential, unique and hard-to-find legal information, delivered in a cost-effective, efficient and personalized manner.

About The New York Legislative Service
Established in 1932, the New York Legislative Service provides the most extensive research and material on legislative intent and purpose.  They are the only research group that is exclusively focused on the legislative history and current legislation of New York State and New York City.

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