Now seen as the end of Summer — and a kind of bookend BBQ when paired with the season’s kickoff of Memorial day — Labor Day was initially a reaction to worker unrest …

But perhaps after you’ve digested your last hot dog, you can explore some Labor & Employment sources available here at The New York Law Institute….

For historical state and federal materials — NYLI members have access to LLMC.... Check out his Oregon State Law establishing Labor Day…

Way before it was a Federal Holiday…Oregon established Labor Day for the first Saturday in June

And are you looking for the legislative intent of Federal Labor Laws?

If you are a NYLI member, you can check out PQ Congressional and obtain House & Senate Reports, Transcripts and Hearings —

Check out the Federal Chapter Law — found on PQ Congressional – that declared the first Monday in September to be “Labor’s Holiday”….

……………..Back when Congress numbered its laws as Chapters (rather than P.L. #’s)!

What about really getting down to basics? Federal & State Law resources, listings of books & eBooks…. useful labor websites (& job sites!)

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