NYLI’s Director of Information Technology and Marketing, Ellyssa Valenti Kroski has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2020 AALL Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award this year for Law Librarianship in the Age of AI, the book which she edited for ALA Editions.

The book features chapters from thought leaders in the fields of law librarianship and legal technology such as: Robert Ambrogi, Jean O’Grady, Scott Bailey, Huu Nguyen, Saskia Mehlhorn, Steven Lastres, Casandra Laskowski, Erik Adams, Heidi W. Heller, Chris Laut, Valeri Craigle, Grace Boivin, Jamie Baker, Theresa Tarves, Tawnya Plumb, James M. Donovan, Janine Cerny, Steve Delchin, and Virginia Neisler.

See the official press release here.