April 9 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Explore the transformative power of AI in law libraries with this engaging webinar. This essential session is designed for librarians, information specialists, and enthusiasts eager to harness the latest in AI technology. Highlights include:

  • Basics of Generative AI: A straightforward primer on generative AI and its relevance today.
  • Key AI Tools: Explore ten cutting-edge generative AI tools and how they stand to benefit library environments.
  • 15 Practical Uses of AI in Law Libraries: Learn how generative AI can be applied in various library functions, including research assistance, instructional design, language learning, library programming design, automating grant writing, professional development, enhancing metadata, and much more.
  • Navigating AI Challenges: Insights into the challenges and ethical considerations of using AI, with strategies for effective management.
  • Skill Building: Tips for writing effective AI prompts and an introduction to the most useful ChatGPT plugins for libraries.

This one-hour webinar is your gateway to integrating generative AI into your library’s offerings, improving efficiency, and engaging your community in new and exciting ways.  Register for this webinar.