Uniform Commercial Code…. Uniform Telehealth Act... Uniform Probate Code…

Who designs and sews up these uniforms anyway, lol?

Around since 1892 (and still active!) – the Uniform Laws Commission provides all 50 States with non-partisan and well drafted legislation for vital areas of state statutory law.

The ULC has also developed Model Laws. Jurisdictions may not adopt the act entirely and many states review model laws for a set of guiding principles . The Model Penal Code has been a regularly consulted by state legislators.

Community Property, Telehealth, Time Shares, Notary, Probate, Commercial Codes, and just about any legal topic — State legislators benefit from consulting with the Uniform Laws Commission when thinking about both promulgating new statutes or reforming old laws.

And The New York Law Institute is THE place for both current & superseded versions of Uniform Laws….