New York City Department stores — past & present — have been noted for their holiday window displaysfrom the edgy Barneys, glamorous Saks Fifth Avenue.… to people pleasing Macy’s — it’s all on display, a freebie to make you stop and maybe stop by and play Santa by buying some gift items.

We’ve stepped up our decorating game here at NYLI. For those that can’t stop by to share some holiday cheer with us at 120 Broadway... here are our Holiday Window displays….

Mid-December brings the eight day celebration of Hanukah, the festival of lights….

And the end of December, we have Kwanzaa — a seven day celebration and reflection on the year’s harvest and enduring principles….

Perhaps what we look forward to most at the end of the year, are holiday gatherings by our own hearth….

Decorating our tree…..

Not Rockefeller… more like Charlie Brown, lol!

… And attending an office party… Egg Nog, anyone???

No matter what your holiday…. or season activity…. we hope you enjoy ….

& All of us at the New York Law Institute wish you much happiness during the holiday season and health & prosperity in 2024…

Our decorative front desk @ 120 Broadway… Click here to join us in 2024!