Before Brooklyn was a brand and long before it gave hipsters bragging rights, Brooklyn was a City….

Brooklyn was incorporated as a Village in 1816, and as its own city in 1834.

The first Brooklyn Day , also called Anniversary or Rally Day, was celebrated in 1838 to commemorate the founding of the Brooklyn Sunday School Union in 1816.

In 1898, much to the consternation of many of its residents, Brooklyn became a borough of the newly consolidated Greater New York City .

And the necessity of a Brooklyn Day… traditionally a day off for public school students… was questioned….

Way back when I attended public school, only Brooklyn & Queens students had off for Anniversary Day. For 2024, the NYC Board of Education has termed the first Thursday in June as Anniversary/Chancellor’s Conference Day. Students have the day off as teachers attend a staff development day.

Brooklyn along with the Bronx, Staten Island, Queens & little old Manhattan are all governed by the New York City Charter and Administrative Codes.

And both the historical and current are available at — you guessed it– The New York Law Institute.