Now that Britbox has made its hit series about my own favorite movie star, maybe it’s time to blog about a central legal aspect of Mr. Leach’s/Grant’s life.

Archibald Leach became Cary Grant as an adult, forging a new identity that began with legally changing his name.

For my mere mortal readers — here are some quick guides to changing your name in the new year (& who knows, maybe it will lead to a more sophisticated life!)

Click here to learn more about changing your name in New York,,,,

& for those hit by Cupid’s arrow in 2024 — here’s NYC clerks’ guide to changing your name after marriage….

& here’s a guide for NOT changing your name after marriage (now not even that revolutionary an option….)

And, no matter what the reason for changing your name, the folks down at Social Security will need to be informed — so click here to get to that needed government bureaucrat …..

& sometimes Cupid’s arrow doesn’t take! A Rose may smell sweet by any other name but divorce must give you the option to change back to your original handle according to NY Domestic Relations Law 240-a. All 50 State Statutes are at NYLI –– and those McKinney’s Practice Commentary sections are always a good guide!

For more on Marriage Laws, including name changes… a Nutshell (available at NYLI) is always the starting place….

But, wait a minute, this was a blog for celebrating Cary Grant’s Birthday. Happy 120th to both Archie & Cary this January 18th, and boy, are they both still looking good!

I know, it’s the third time for this pic, but hey, 100+ year & still easy on the eyes…

Whether researching domestic relations law or the entertainment field (or entertaining marriage, lol)… The New York Law Institute is the place to go… we’re a little older than Grant… but still looking good as well….