Law Library Association’s Graphic Novel Club went classic with a discussion of 3 Tin-Tin adventures !

Attendees found much to discuss about an over 80+ year old European comic strip character — Tintin !! The stories captivated members with charming illustrations, clever use of language, puns, and the adorable naif that is Tintin and his all-knowing fox terrier Snowy. The world politics and events of the 1930s are referenced, and this probably had adults of the day checking in with the boy reporter and certainly gave present readers a glimpse into a past age’s perception of world goings-on.

Cultural stereotypes permeate Tintin, and this aspect made the reading less than timeless and sometimes the stories devolved into cringe-worthy period pieces.

But it is the optimistic and courageous spirit of a young hero, along with the constant action, that allow the reader to temporarily escape the often gray reality of the present. LLAGNY Graphic Novel Book Club met on a cold January afternoon at The New York Law Institute, but in our minds, we were all cub reporters on sunny adventures that ended well!

Margaret Cassidy,  New York Law Institute  intern and current Skidmore sophomore, contributed to the graphics and text of this article.