Ingrid Mattson, former NYLI intern and current Associate Dean of Library Services at Cardozo Law School, won a AALL award for her paper “Billie Holiday’s Legacy walks the Halls of 55 Fifth Avenue”.

Of her research, Ingrid enthusiastically shares finding out about the musical greats who recorded at the site where Cardozo Law School now stands….

among those who recorded here, I found Gene Autry and Jimmy Long in October 1931, Fletcher Henderson in December 1932, Duke Ellington in February 1933, Benny Goodman and his Orchestra with Billie Holiday in November and December 1933

From “Cardozo Honors the Legacy of Billie Holiday

We at NYLI are proud to have contributed to the advancement of Ingrid’s career. In an email note, Ingrid gratefully stated…

Having worked at NYLI in 2012 as part of my law librarianship education, I appreciate NYC’s old buildings and the stories of the libraries in them. Some of my fondest memories while at NYLI were visiting the New York Legislative Service and the NYC Bar Association Library to see those spaces and learn about the relationships NYLI was cultivating with those institutions. Additionally, NYLI’s space is legendary, and there’s no way a person could study and research in the space and not feel the history.

We enjoyed hearing more about Ingrid’s research techniques at the LLAGNY program… on August 24th...and share once again our congrats for winning a AALL award !

Ingrid’s visit back in 2019 !!