Why December 15th? Well because on that date in 1791, the new United States of America ratified the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution , confirming the fundamental rights of its citizens.

Presidential Proclamations — and Federal Legislative History materials — available on ProQuest Congressional — accessible through NYLI membership

Now that we know the history… it’s time to celebrate! .. . so here are the top 5 Bill of Rights Day websites. Let the party begin!!

Bill of Rights Day — Library of Congress Links to Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention, James Madison Papers, and US Congressional Debates related to the Bill of Rights.

National Archives celebrates with live & recorded events, teaching resources and online exhibits….

U.S. Courts provide discussion prompts, handout resources and courtroom simulations

U.S. Constitution Center in Philadelphia (where it all began!).. join trivia games and scavenger hunt or attend online conversation with law professor Kermit Roosevelt on Bill of Rights & the Reconstruction….

U.S Citizenship & Immigration Services focuses on the Citizenship test as related to the Bill of Rights; downloadable flashcard, 100 Civic questions, and the Citizen’s Almanac

The New York Law Institute. considering joining today !