This Martin Luther King Day… remember him by learning more about the Civil Rights Act (1964)….

Martin Luther King Jr’s life was dedicated to ensuring Civil Rights. For more on the passage of the 1964 Act, check out this source…..

Congressional Research Service documents… available to NYLI members through PQ Congressional ….

MLK’s vision was global; an appreciation of his dedication for human rights can result in researching the struggle for human rights everywhere.

And a great starting point is LLMC’s Civil and Human Rights Law Portal …available with NYLI membership.

We always want to know more about a great man — and so there are multiple worthy biographies of MLK — including those from NYLI’s eBook collections….

We urge you this MLK Day to learn more about the man and the cause of Civil Rights… & NYLI’s collections are one of the great places to start….

Learning more often requires access to resources…

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