Celebrate the guitar this month — the instrument of the Medieval troubadour, folkie protester. Country star and the Rock and Roll rebel….

Before we starting mentioning NYLI music law resources such as….

We’d like to share a few of our favorite all time great guitarists…..

Les Paul & Mary Ford help popularize the electric guitar in the 1950s… and also helped to develope the eight track recorder... listen to this YouTube clip of “How High the Moon”

And if Les Paul did help invent the eight track recorder… he probably should’ve consulted with a Nutshell…

For a more contemporary guitar hero… there’s Prince’s “Purple Rain” solo…

Before he was TAFKAP.. Prince’s Purple Rain Solo… Check it out here on YouTube

And then there’s Maybelle Carter whose innovative technique of playing the bass line while simultaneously playing the chords changed the way guitars would be used in bands going forward…

Maybelle Carter — considered Country Music Royalty– check out the video for what’s called “scratch” — providing rhythm and melody with one guitar…..

Don’t take our word for it… Rolling Stone magazine named Jimi Hendrix the greatest guitarist of all time! Roll the clip and decide for yourself!

Deemed best solo by Jimi Hendrix…. Rolling Stone named Hendrix as the best guitarist of all time (GOAT !)

This April, it’s fun to explore YouTube and debate the ranking of great guitarists….

And , if you need to research Music Law, there is no debate that The New York Law Institute has the resources for you….