“Ask a Stupid Question Day” originated in the 1980s — too many teachers observed that students were unwilling to ask questions , probably for fear of ‘losing face’ and appearing stupid….

And so as the holiday emphasizes, there are no stupid questions…

As librarians, we agree — there are no stupid questions… or seemingly easily answerable ones….

You may think that asking if a legal definition is in Black’s Law Dictionary is a “stupid question”… but then again, what’s legally defined has changed through the years…

You may feel that it’s stupid to ask about Records & Briefs — everything is online, right?

Not everything — NYLI has a great R & B collection, and we are ready to listen up to your needs… and answer your questions.

You are new to practicing law… or pretty experienced but thrown into a new area of practice….

Afraid to lose face by asking a basic question about an area of law?

Yes, you went to Law School, and Yes you passed you passed the bar… but Nutshells are great as a starting point or refresher….

Go to a Nutshell. & get up to speed on Admiralty Law, Coastal and Ocean Management Law , Video Game Law, and really, any area … because…

NYLI has nearly 200 Nutshells ready for members to borrow!

Celebrate the “Ask a Stupid Question Day” Holiday by reaching out to our librarians or by checking out our catalogue….

and getting smart answers to all your queries by joining NYLI today….