Great men, such as Martin Luther King Jr., often end up viewed as mythical beings rather than fellow humans who accomplished the extraordinary. Research allows us to see our shared humanity with Dr. King. By a study of his everyday experiences, we are led to an even greater appreciation of his achievements. And so, to the web…

Consider a virtual visit to places integral to MLK’s life

1. Martin Luther King, Jr. — National Historic Park (Georgia) — MLK Jr.’s birthplace, Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Dr. & Mrs. King’s Tomb. ..a virtual tour may inspire you to one day make the trip…

2. National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Hotel Check out From the Vault blog for artifacts never seen before by the public. Permanent exhibits include the Lorraine Building…

3. National Museum of African American History & Culture D.C. was the site of MLK Jr’s “March on Washington” & his famous “I Have a Dream Speech”…. & D.C. newest Smithsoninan branch has a “searchable museum” function; Check out staff members’ collection stories. Both are great resource for history that informed MLK Jr…..

4. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial D.C. latest memorial — website has a great biography as well as history of memorial’s construction.

A Picture is worth a thousand words… consider these sites for great images & teaching materials

5. Smithsonian’s spotlight on MLK Jr National Portrait Gallery artwork, posters, placards, & photos. Each item has not just a listing of source and dates, but an in-depth description of King’s biographical history. A great teaching resource.

6. “The Montgomery Story” — Comic Book from the 1960s is a fun way to introduce to MLK Jr. to kids….

7. National Archives @ NYCMarch on Washington documents, Court documents related to Memphis Sanitation workers … all with ready-made discussion questions.

Primary Sources — Archives & Libraries… some with digital access….

8. Civil Rights Digital Library links to digital items found in variety of museums, libraries and universities… can search people such as MLK Jr…..or topics such as voting rights. A treasure trove for researchers….

9. Digital Library of Georgia Explore their collections — including materials on MLK Jr… website is a true gateway to Georgia’s History!

10. Stanford University – MLK Jr. Research & Education Institute searchable collection of King’s papers, Online King’s Records Access (OKRA) system, online King Encyclopedia, and educational resources.

11. Boston University’s Dr. Martin Luther King’s Archive MLK Jr. was an alum (GRS’55) and met his wife Coretta at BU. In 1964, King donated his papers dating from 1947-1963.

Get some research guidance from the experts !

12. Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History & Culture

13. NYPL Guide: Behind the Dream: Research Dr King with online resources at NYPL

14. Valencia College Libguide: Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

How to celebrate ?

15. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service — Americorps lists ways to volunteer…

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