Planning to Roll Out eBooks Firm-Wide to Your Attorneys?

We’ve got some tips and advice for you!

  • Make sure that your IT department has opened HTTP: 80 and SSL Port: 9443 on your local network as well as your wireless network as that is what OCLC’s EZProxy uses.
  • Talk to your IT department about installing Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on all computers firm-wide. This is a lightweight software program similar to an Adobe PDF Reader that’s necessary for reading our EBL eBooks.
  • Offer an instructional session where you demo our eBooks for attorneys. Please use any/all of our below owned EBL eBooks for your demos!!
  • Train your librarians with a live eBooks webinar – check our calendar for upcoming dates!
  • Follow-up with links to a video to refresh their memory and a bookmark to the NYLI eBooks page.

eBooks for Demos

In an effort to keep our EBL eBooks free to our members, we ask that you please use as many of the following eBooks as you’d like for demonstration and practice purposes.  Each eBook loan costs us anywhere from 5% – 80% of the cost of the title until it is auto-purchased after the 6th loan and we own it – after which time we are allowed 325 loan days per year without cost.  We own each of these eBooks.  By using these titles you will save us money and allow us to continue to provide this service without passing the charges on to our members in the future.  We thank you for your effort and cooperation.

Our eBooks Training Videos

Our June 2021 “All About NYLI” Webinar 26:06 mins


EBL Ebook Central Reader 3:34 mins


EBL Ebook Central Bookshelf 2:28 mins