About Emily Moog

Emily Moog is a Research Librarian at The New York Law Institute. Her career started as a page at The New York Public Library and she has worked for more than two decades as a law librarian in NYC, working at Cleary Gottlieb, Paul Weiss, and most recently at Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP. Emily served on the LLAGNY Board, and is a frequent contributor to its newsletter, “Law Lines”. Emily's interest include legal research, New York City history and anything a little obscure!

Post… Get Social…IT’S National LIBRARY WEEK !

Librarians across the country are having a unique library week…. despite the challenging times of social distancing and sheltering in place, we are still there for our patrons !

Our Colleagues at the Federal Depository are asking that FDLP partners email them about..

Continuing to provide servicesspecial resources & offerings undertaken in past year& photos […]

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The Winning Couplet is……

Judges Eileen Dolan, Lucy Curci-Gonzalez, Karen Oesterle, and Ellyssa Valenti Kroski were moved by poems that honored doctors, nurses, the unemployed and essential workers who bravely soldier on during the Coronavirus. All the poems touched their hearts, and proved a moving way for The New York Law Institute to acknowledge both National […]

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Couplet Contest in honor of…

Poetry Month and National Library Week…. and in recognition of the many sacrifices our fellow Americans are making during the Coronavirus pandemic….

we are seeking couplet poems that give tribute to…….

Law enforcement…Healthcare professionals….Transportation and any other essential workers….

Please email us your couplet poem tribute poems to Eileen Dolan edolan@nyli.org

by April 16th…….

We ask that […]

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ZOOMing with Mrs. Sherlock

Dateline: Thursday, April 3rd, 2020….

While the mystery that is the Coronavirus changed the world, the LLAGNY Book Club held its discussion of Brad Ricca’s Mrs. Sherlock Holmes meeting via ZOOM. Countless other encounters that would otherwise be in person now only occur through ZOOM, google hangout, Microsoft teams , FACETIME and […]

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Sons of Irish Patriots…. and NYLI luminaries

Inspired by both the American and French Revolutions, particularly by the writings of Thomas Paine, historians consider the Irish Rebellion of 1798 as the greatest threat to English Rule between 1641 revolt and the Easter Uprising of 1916.

And the participants and sons of this rebellion would help shape 19th Century American Law […]

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Impeachment Docs… free & voluminous..on web….

Our colleagues at the Government Printing Office are living up to their motto of “Keeping America Informed” — releasing many key documents from the Trump Impeachment process.

Scholars, legal experts… really anyone with internet access!.. can now examine….

H.R. 116-346… House Report with dissenting views (12/15/2019).

H.R. 116-335…. Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report with Minority Views […]

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In honor of African American History Month – Kindred is discussed

LLAGNY Graphic Book Club’s February selection — Kindred – honored African American History Month.
The graphic novel , based on Octavia Butler’s 1979 science fiction work, explores slavery through the unique prism of time travel.  The main characters toggle between 1970s San Francisco and Antebellum South.  Female protagonist Dana experiences slavery’s horrors and discovers that […]

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Author Stacy Horn @ LLAGNY Book Club

The Law Library Association of Greater New York Book Club began its 2020 selection with a very somber look at the social problems of 1800s New York. Damnation Island: Poor Sick, Mad & Criminal in 19th-Century New York ‘s author Stacy Horn was in attendance, and members shared a thought-provoking discussion […]

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Great Snakes! LLAGNY Graphic Novel Club discusses Tintin !!

Law Library Association’s Graphic Novel Club went classic with a discussion of 3 Tin-Tin adventures !

Attendees found much to discuss about an over 80+ year old European comic strip character — Tintin !! The stories captivated members with charming illustrations, clever use of language, puns, and the adorable naif that is […]

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Time for Impeachment…Research!!

Curious about the Presidential Impeachment process, past impeachments, and a citizen’s duty regarding impeachment? Check out NYLI’s collection and get up to speed —

A great – and really quick! – introduction is Alicia Klepeis’ Understanding the Impeachment Process. This e-book is under 50 pages with illustrations, so voila, you are […]

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