National Library Week Legal Peeps Online Contest

We invite you, our members to get creative and design your best law-related Peeps diorama for our online contest and send us your photo. What’s at stake? Well, not just props for the best Peep pic, but a whopping $25 gift card for Starbucks! We’re also throwing a Peeps-tastic celebration for National Library Week here at NYLI and you’re all invited!!!

Please submit your entries to the above link by March 31st.

Voting begins March 31st and will go until April 6th when the winner will be announced.

Here are a few examples of some Peeps-tacular dioramas:

12 Angry Peeps


Photo: Gallagher Law Library blog


The Peeples Court


Photo: Gallagher Law Library


Washington’s Peepulist Constitution


Photo: Gallagher Law Library