Wired recently posted an article about the Chattanooga Public Library, which installed a “makerspace”—complete with a laser cutter, a zine lab for making paper publications, and a 3-D printer. The space has proven to be enormously popular with patrons. A similar space opened in Cleveland. These spaces give patrons access to new forms of literacy that they are eager for, but previously did not have access to: design, programming, video editing, book writing, and website building. These are places to not just receive knowledge in the traditional library sense, but also to create it physically. Many patrons simply do not have access to classic hacker spaces, are intimidated by them, or cannot afford them. Wired calls this “the future of libraries.”

One caveat: at this time, the New York Law Institute does not have plans of installing these items.

You can read the complete Wired article here.