The folks at Linex Systems have put together an excellent list of 8 Top Summer Events for Law Librarians (and why you should attend). The list includes information aobut this year’s most popular and well-attended conferences such as AALL Annual and the yearly SLA conference, but also some you may not have heard of such as BIALL and ALLA.

“The most prominent advantage of attending events is the opportunity to network. This is something that is beneficial to all, no matter if you are coming from a large firm or a one man band. Having an external network of peers opens up endless possibilities to learn about best practices and new initiatives, whilst also having the backup in place for when you need someone to help you out in a pinch. At the same time, networking with vendors allows you to learn about changes and developments in the law librarian field whilst potentially simultaneously introducing you to new technologies.”

Read the full article here.

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