From our favorite 3 Geeks and a Law Blog from 5/1/15, a recent post struck me.  The post discusses four critically important utilities for attorneys and bemoans the lack of a fifth capability for them.  In thinking about librarians rather than attorneys, I wonder what law librarians rely on the most?  When faced with needing to learn new things or to quickly gain an understanding of new material of any kind, what tools do you use?  What several time-tested, reliably accurate, always available tools are your key favorites?  Would love to get your thoughts on this question.

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keepitsimple“As I was rolling around the Future Law conference via my Beam vehicle on Thursday, Twitter was lighting up with a series of tweets from the actual presentations (as well as about my robot form.) During his State of the Art of Legal Technology session, Professor Oliver Goodenough fielded a question that even he admitted was loaded. “What is the biggest obstacle to integrating technology in the legal field?” Everyone kind of chuckled when they heard the question because everyone saw the answer coming… “Lawyers.”

Now, to be fair to the audience and to Prof. Goodenough, the answer was a bit tongue in cheek, and the good professor did discuss the number of issues and situations that contribute to a lawyer’s inability to fully adapt new technologies, or to take advantage of certain advancements in technology. Not every advancement is practical for the lawyer to adopt. Not every lawyer has the ability, either personally or financially, to jump in and integrate new technologies that might streamline his or her practice. Now… that being said, let’s talk about low level advancements that are really no-brainers for practically every attorney to adapt, but which most are still struggling to adopt.”

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