Robert Ambrogi at Law Sites discusses Thomson Reuters’ new products, a new e-discovery platform, eDiscovery Point, Practice Point, a new research tool, and one unannounced product which will utilize the cognitive computing power of IBM’s Watson…

“TR Legal will be the first to release a product that has Watson “under the hood,” according to Erik Laughlin, managing director, Legal Managed Services and Corporate Segment, and head of the Watson Initiative.

The product will help users untangle the sometimes-confusing web of global legal and regulatory requirements and will be targeted at customers in corporate legal, corporate compliance and law firms. Initially, it will focus on financial services, he suggested, but will also address other domains important to corporations.”

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Jean O’Grady also discusses the new Thomson Reuters offerings on Dewey B Strategic

“Ever since TR announced their collaboration with IBM Watson last October, the legal community has been impatient to learn how this alliance will manifest in a legal product. We still don’t know but TR did promise that they will be the first company for built a legal product using Watson technology. The alliance will combine IBM’s cognitive computing with TR’s deep domain expertise. A panel of executives from TR and Watson revealed that there will be a beta product available by the end of 2016. Their first collaboration will focus on taming the complexities of global financial regulation.”

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