David Lat writes for Above the Law about the The State Of Biglaw And The Evolving Role Of The Law Librarian.

“Kovalan opened the discussion by sharing findings from ALM Intelligence’s annual survey of law librarians. He showed a chart reflecting what many observers of Biglaw already know: since the Great Recession, demand for Biglaw services has increased at a sluggish pace, well below the growth of GDP over this period. More specifically, a survey of in-house counsel found that 30 percent of them plan to decrease their use of outside counsel (compared to 15 percent who plan to increase their use, and 55 percent who plan to stay around the same level).

Kovalan outlined six trends that he has been seeing in Biglaw and expects to continue:

1. The emergence of areas of intense competition between firms.
2. More consolidation of law firms (aka “merger mania”).
3. Continuing increase in the sophistication — and demands — of corporate law departments.”

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