Stephen Poor, Chairman, Seyfarth Shaw LLP writes eloquently for Rethink in Practice about The Art of Adapting: What BigLaw Should Learn from the Local Library. He discusses the evolution and redefinition of the library in the digital age in the midst of serious funding challenges and how the legal industry could benefit from a similar re-imagining.

“Long ago, I may have thought of librarians as keepers of arcane expertise on how books are organized. Today, they are thriving by tapping into a broader reimagining of that role, by refashioning themselves into navigators of useful knowledge in a world with different tools…We can, and we should, think about the journey of the legal industry through a similar lens. We need to step back and redefine our core mission, with the needs of the client in mind: to find our version of “the answer place.”

Read this thought-provoking article here.