Gordon Smith wraps up the discussions which took place at a Lehman Solicitor’s legal event in Ireland in December which featured talks from Chrissie Lightfoot, author of Tomorrow’s Naked Lawyer and Larry Fenelon, managing partner at Leman Solicitors among others.

“From travel and TV to taxis and telephones, few industries remain untouched by digital disruption, and the legal profession could be next in technology’s firing line.  Technological advances could lead to 40% of legal jobs ceasing to exist, including legal secretaries, paralegals, researchers and junior solicitors. “What the loom did to the weaving industry in the 18th century is what technology is doing to professionals in the 21st,” said Larry Fenelon, managing partner at Leman Solicitors, organiser of the event held in Dublin’s Merrion Hotel last December.”

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