Sarah Glassmeyer writes an extremely insightful article about Puppies and the Future of Legal Technology and Information in which she discusses FOSS (Free Open Source Software) in the legal world, her experience at the LegalTech conference, and current legal news stories which broke last week.

“A common complaint that I see about legal technology of all stripes is that the developers have little idea about the actual practice of law. I was thinking about it over the weekend and it occurred to me that the ideal (in the eyes of many) legal technology developer is someone who is a STEM graduate, decided to by pass a lucrative Silicon Valley career to sink him or herself into debt to become a lawyer, practice a few years, be miserable enough to seek to create technological solutions for law, then chuck their legal career to the side to start a tech company (ignoring the fact that by this time he/she is probably in their 30s, still saddled with law school debt and likely by this time to also has a mortgage and family to support.) Basically, if “practical legal experience” is your first requirement for someone before you’ll pay attention to their legal tech ideas, you’ve probably got a long wait ahead of you. Like, “Cubs winning the World Series” long wait.”

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