This week at The New York Law Institute, in the spirit of National Library Week, we hosted an escape room titled The Search for Alexander Hamilton and the Missing Librarian in which participants searched for clues as to Addison Adley’s mysterious disappearance. We had a total of four sessions of the game and each group was successful in solving the room!

We designed this escape room to highlight our collections and fascinate our library patrons. Escape room games are immersive, live-action games in which a group of participants enter a room where they must solve puzzles and collect clues in order to “escape” or win the game. And these types of immersive events are being used by libraries in a multitude of ways. They can be employed simply for outreach to engage library patrons, for incorporating instruction and experiential learning outcomes, as well as for internal staff team-building and training.

Please check out our image gallery from the event.