Jay M. Ipson and Dianna Gabay discussing the January 23, 2019 donation from the New York Law institute, Nuremberg Military Tribunal volume of books.

As the New York Law Institute works toward digitizing its Government publications, we often try to find homes for our print copies.  To that end, Research Librarian Emily Moog reached out to family friend Dianna Gabay regarding the print copies of the Nuernberg Military Tribunal and the 1946 set titled The Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression held at NYLI.  Dianna is an artist and volunteer with the Holocaust Hisotry Lecturers, and previously was employed by the Virginia Holocaust museum.  Jay Ipson, founder of Holocaust History Lecturers, accepted the donated materials.     Jay was born in Lithuania, survived the Holocaust, and emigrated to Richmond Virginia at the age of 12.  His father attended some of the Nuremberg trials.

NYLI is proud to be able to assist Holocaust History Lecturers in its mission of educating the general public on the atrocities of the Holocaust, its history, and its aftermath, and in promoting  awareness of its tragic impact in order to reinforce the moral fiber of our society, thereby preventing the recurrence of genocide.