Enjoying reading the AALL May 2015 Spectrum issue and loving the library renovation articles, including two libraries here in NY!  If cost (and architects) were no object, wouldn’t we all like to add a few of these features to our own law libraries?

  • Outdoor balconies
  • Diner booths with monitors
  • Central atrium
  • Two-story reading room windows
  • View of Lincoln Center
  • Coffee bar
  • One information desk providing all answers to all patrons
  • A sky-bridge and free popcorn!

Meanwhile, please enjoy a few selections from the article by Jill Harness at 62 of the World’s Most beautiful Libraries.  Don’t miss the chance to see here some of the other libraries she has chosen.  And let’s not forget our beloved, iconic NYPL


Delighted to get my NYPL library card this week!  And if you haven’t taken the Library Walk in a while (or ever), take a few minutes and check it out.  It runs along 41st Street from Park Avenue to Fifth and is stunning!

library way   library walk