The website MainStreet reported on a lawsuit recently filed against Google in Virginia. Mark Baldino is a locksmith in Lorton, Virginia. If you search Google for “Virginia locksmith” and, said Baldino in his complaint, Google’s search engine returned 1,000 locksmiths. However, by Baldino’s count, at least 575, of those are unlicensed. It is possible that burglars could masquerade as locksmiths, re-key a door, keep a copy for themselves and, at a convenient time, unlock the door and empty the home. The article talks to several experts. Google will no doubt press to have the case dismissed. The Communications Decency Act of 1996 essentially grants publishers of information on the Internet immunity. However, if Baldino can show Google violated its own policies, he could prevail.

You can read the MainStreet article here.