Rosemary Kupfert writes for Law Practice Today about How to Avoid Getting Stuck in a Technology Status Quo. In this helpful article she provides a list of ways to identify a status quo attitude in your firm as well as tips for how to shake things up and make changes.

“Every law firm has been there or is still there—the point where attorneys and staff find themselves stuck in a status quo with outdated paper processes and older technology solutions. It’s often marked with phrases like, “That’s how we’ve always done it,” or “There’s no need for change.” This attitude arises from attorneys and staff who aren’t well-versed in technology, who dislike change or have no desire to learn new technology.

This status quo mindset can impair a law firm’s ability to achieve all it can with its technology. If technology cannot improve productivity or isn’t integrated, customized or configured for optimal performance, the law firm risks losing billable hours to inefficiency.”

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