Compiled by Lucy Curci-Gonzalez

Understanding the New European Data Protection Rules

Paul Lambert
Compared to the US, European data and privacy protection rules seem Draconian. The European rules apply to any enterprise doing business in the EU. The new rules are far more stringent than the last set. This book is a quick guide to the directives for companies, particularly US, that have to comply with them.





General Data Protection Regulation: First Aid for Companies and Associations

the Data Protection Authority of Bavaria for the Private Sector, Thomas Kranig, and Eugen Ehmann
General Data Protection Regulation: First Aid What do organisations that hold or process personal data need to know? From 25th May, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR for short, applies. It creates a completely new basis for all data protection in the European Union.




Protectors of Privacy : Regulating Personal Data in the Global Economy

Abraham L. Newmann
From credit-card purchases to electronic fingerprints, the amount of personal data available to government and business is growing exponentially. All industrial societies face the problem of how to regulate this vast world of information, but their governments have chosen distinctly different solutions. In Protectors of Privacy, Abraham L. Newman details how and why, in contrast to the United States, the nations of the European Union adopted comprehensive data privacy for both the public and the private sectors, enforceable by independent regulatory agencies known as data privacy authorities.



The Foundations of EU Data Protection Law

Orla Lynskey
Nearly two decades after the EU first enacted data protection rules, key questions about the nature and scope of this EU policy, and the harms it seeks to prevent, remain unanswered. The inclusion of a Right to Data Protection in the EU Charter has increased the salience of these questions, which must be addressed in order to ensure the legitimacy, effectiveness and development of this Charter right and the EU data protection regime more generally.The Foundations of EU Data Protection Law is a timely and important work which sheds new light on this neglected area of law, challenging the widespread assumption that data protection is merely a subset of the right to privacy.

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