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Compiled by Lucy Curci-Gonzalez

Gamification, Serious Games, Simulations, and Immersive Learning Environments in Knowledge Management Initiatives

Allam Ahmed and Michael Sutton

We are pleased to present this e-book of the World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development (WJSTSD) entitled, Gamification, Serious Games, Simulations, and Immersive Learning Environments in Knowledge Management Initiatives.This e-book of WJSTSD covers a wide range of dimensions and perspectives. The objectives are to review the emerging trends and cases where GAMING, SIMS, SGs, ILEs, VR, and AR are applied to the deployment of knowledge-based initiatives.


The Gamification of Work – Uses of Games in Workplaces

Emmanuelle Savignac
Despite the traditional opposition between play and work, games and their structure are increasingly used in workplaces. This phenomenon of using game elements or mechanisms in other contexts than games is named “gamification”. In workplaces, the gamification is supposed to abolish the separation between work and leisure or between constraint and pleasure. This book reviews a century of game theories in the social sciences and analyzes the uses of games in workplaces. We critically question the explicit functions (learning, experimentation…) which are supposed to be conveyed by games. Finally, we show that game, understood as a structure, could have efficient social functions in the workplace



The Gamification Toolkit : Dynamics, Mechanics, and Components for the Win

Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter
Take your gamification efforts to the next level When The Economist covered Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter’s new book For the Win in 2012, they referred to gamification as a “management craze.” Since then, gamification has proved to be much more than a fleeting fad: it is a global movement. For the Win has been published globally in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish, and more than a quarter of a million people have taken Werbach’s gamification course on Coursera. Now, in their new ebook The Gamification Toolkit, Werbach and Hunter go deeper into the key game elements and provide you with the tools to take gamification to the next level.



The Business of Gamification : A Critical Analysis

Mikolaj Dymek and Peter Zackariasson
At the turn of the century the term “gamification” was introduced as a concept to understand the process of using game mechanics in “non-game” contexts. The impact of gamification was soon evident to business practices where it had impact both on marketing and, more broadly, on the organizations themselves. As the number of individuals playing video games grows, there seem to be an acceptance of game mechanics elsewhere. Its effectiveness is highly dependent on both technical possibilities and cultural acceptance, two factors present today. The aim of The Business of Gamification is to critically analyze the practical and theoretical consequences of gamification.

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