The New York Law Institute’s eBook collection of over 75,000 titles allows our patrons to access a wide array of books to meet the ancillary needs of today’s sophisticated multi-disciplinary researcher. This post highlights eBooks that have been borrowed recently focusing on the laws regarding special education. You may access the books through the links provided with their titles.

A Guide to Special Education Advocacy: What Parents, Clinicians and Advocates Need to Know

This book gives strategies for advocating for better provision of special education in schools. This book will provide parents, people with disabilities, professionals and clinicians thinking about special education advocacy with an overview of current disability law and how it works, identifying practical ways for building positive and effective relationships with schools.

Special Education: A Summary of Legal Requirements, Terms, and Trends

This up-to-date overview demystifies special education and related law, making this an invaluable tool for students and education scholars, caregivers, and all others who have an interest in special education.

The Comprehensive Guide to Special Education Law: Over 400 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Every Educator Needs to Know about the Legal Rights of Exceptional Children and their Parents

This book is a detailed yet accessible introduction to federal law as it applies to the rights of children with special needs.

The Law of Special Education and Non-Public Schools: Major Challenges in Meeting the Needs of Youth with Disabilities

This book provides an informed explanation of Section 504, the IDEA, their regulations, and the cases that they have generated.