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NYLI eBooks Webinar

September 17 @ 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

The New York Law Institute now offers members direct free access to a collection of over 75,000 eBooks from major legal, academic, business and general-interest publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Economist Books, John Wiley & Sons, Kluwer Academic Publishing, Routledge, Springer, and many more.

Join Ellyssa Kroski, […]

ABA Books in Our eBooks Collection

The American Bar Association (“ABA”) publishes many books relevant to the practice of law. Recently, the ABA joined the long list of publishers available through our eBook collection. The post highlights some of the most interesting titles available.

The Emergency Sasquatch Ordinance and Other Real Laws that Human Beings Actually Dreamed Up

This is […]

New NYLI eBooks Video

Have you taken full advantage of our eBook collection? We’ve created a brand new eBooks video walking you through every step of how to borrow our eBooks! Among the things you will learn in this video:

• The 4 ways you can access our eBooks collection
• How to search the full-text of our 75,000 ebooks
• How […]

Project Finance Books in our Ebook Collection

Our eBook collection of over 70,000 titles allows the New York Law Institute to meet the needs of its patrons for interdisciplinary books on topics that are not typically available in a law library. This post highlights some recently checked-out eBooks dealing with the subject of project finance.

Introduction to Project Finance

The term “project […]

Considering an eBooks Rollout?

The New York Law Institute’s eBook collection is a robust, interdisciplinary collection of over 70,000 electronic books available at no cost to our members. If you are a member and are interested in demonstrating this rich collection to your colleagues, NYLI recently created a webpage guide to assist you. The guide includes recommended […]

Robotics Books in Our Ebook Collection

The New York Law Institute’s ebook collection of over 70,000 books includes many titles and subject matters that are not typical of a law library such as engineering. Here, we highlight several recently checked-out ebooks dealing with the growing issue of robotics.



This reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a […]