The folks at Veneble have written an excellent article for Lexology on how to Augment Your Legal Knowledge of Augmented Reality which discusses intellectual property and privacy concerns as well as future directions of AR.

“AR represents a significant leap in how intellectual property is used in a video game. No longer is the user experience dictated solely by a game designer. There is a choose-your-own-adventure aspect to AR gameplay, which also means that gamers are interacting with the intellectual property of others, who often did not agree to be part of the game experience. For example, some brands may not want to be associated with certain kinds of AR technology. To the extent that an AR game is directing users to certain brands, it is prudent to have approval for the use of that brand. More generally, though, it is also a best practice to consider whether you want to allow any brand (or indeed, any third party) to opt out of the experience.”

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