In June of this year we announced an exciting partnership with the VoxGov service that has made their database accessible to member through NYLI’s reference librarians.  NYLI’s research team will be happy to search for member requests in the VoxGov portal of over 30 million documents.   Voxgov’s U.S. Federal Government Collection is the largest and most comprehensive collection of its kind containing over 9,300 unique sources.

Voxgov ‘s purpose is to inform users about who in government is saying what on any subject at any time.  The database was been built in response to the complexity of navigating the breadth and depth of the U.S. Federal government’s poorly structured online presence through which a wide variety of important information is disseminated.  To this end, they have compiled the largest and most comprehensive collection of its type, thereby helping organizations and their constituencies to become and remain better informed through timely access to mission critical information that otherwise goes largely missed.

Please contact us at with your VoxGov research requests!