Our Research Librarian Emily Moog has created an original crossword puzzle in the spirit of the AALL Annual Meeting for your amusement!  Check out “Washington is a…”  and the solution to the puzzle below!  And be on the lookout for a famous quote within the puzzle itself!

Access the larger image here.

The Clues are here and below:


4 less work, better results (quote)

9 inside or outside of?

11 Senators’ successors

12 lobbyists’ address

13 1600 Penn. Ave.

15 plenty of 5 stars here

19 holding its convention here (init)

21 its architect

22 connecting preposition (quote)

24 cherry blossomed monument

26 its subway

28 coffee brand

29 The Gray Side (1861-64)..quote

30 D.C’s rival

33 Hagia Sofia, St.Peter’s Capitol, e.g.

35 fateful theatre

38 where the old stuff is

42 not clear

43 G.W.’s monument

44 The Blue Side (1861-64)..quote

45 is there shopping there?


1 wall’s designer

2 Apollo 13’s museum

3 Nixon’s Chinese souvenirs?

5 its gridiron

6 Caesar’s month?

7 its skaters

8 ___on a hill (quote)

10 city’s 1st name?

13 Harry Potter’s team?

14 Diana, Flo & Mary’s group

16 Where the ex-Presidents hang

17 morass

18 its river

20 its main train station

23 flying in?

25 100 in #

27 belonging to (quote)

30 marched now honored w. monument(init)

31 Arlington was his former home

32 latest Pres. monument (init)

34 You buy one at Pandora (quote)

36 not Dewey’s classification but…(init)

37 roundabout way

39 flying in

40 quote’s author (init.)

41 not top


Spoiler alert…here are the answers!!

Answer to quote in puzzle:  “Washington is a City of Southern Efficiency and Northern Charm”,  John F. Kennedy.