Proquest’s EBL eBooks have a brand new look!  For those of you who haven’t seen the new and improved platform, Proquest has added many new features for readers including:

Superior search

  • Search terms are highlighted in the search results along with a short book description and explanation of its ranking.
  • An uncluttered search results page and redesign make it easy for users to narrow and filter their searches.
  • Users can now see which books in their search results are available and which are mediated and available upon request.

Smart Bookshelf

  • User reminders for number of books downloaded or loaned and days remaining.
  • Quick access to recently viewed titles through simple displays.
  • Options for exporting notes and generating citations for each book.

For those of you that want to get up and running with the slick new platform, check out these new videos on our eBooks page that will walk you through how to access and read the EBL eBooks, and stay tuned for our upcoming monthly webinar on May 25th!