Daniella Smith, associate professor at the University of North Texas and former school and public librarian offers 12 helpful tips for creating online tutorials for the AASL Knowledge Quest blog.

  1. Avoid background noise by using a microphone or headset. When you are in a busy place, there is no telling what type of noise your computer will pick up when you are recording. The last microphone that I bought was $8.00 and worked reasonably well for eliminating the background noises around me.

  2. If you are in front of the camera, dress professionally. You are an information scientist and educator. You want people to perceive you as an expert. Sitting in front of the camera while dressed poorly will not help to change the image of librarians.

  3. Limit your recording to the part of your screen that is related to your presentation. Avoid recording your icons to protect your privacy. Screen-Cast-O-Matic is an example of a screen recorder that will let you zoom in.

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