Jamie J. Baker, Interim Director, Texas Tech University School of Law Library, writes for Law Library Journal about artificial intelligence and its role in legal research.

“This article provides context for current computing capability and ultimately
warns against the use of AI in violation of certain legal ethical obligations.
Paragraphs 7–39 summarize current advances in AI technology and describe how
knowledge-based professions such as finance, medicine, and law are using these
advances. Paragraphs 40–51 discuss natural language processing (NLP) and the
notion of premature disruption. Paragraphs 52–83 hypothesize about how legal
research is likely to use AI while noting the complexities involved in the legal
research process. That section ends by briefly discussing the ethical issues at play
and the need to use AI responsibly, noting that law librarians are in the best position
to teach prospective lawyers about the benefits and risks associated with the
use of algorithms in law.”

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