Photo: Alma Asay

Robert Ambrogi writes on his Law Sites blog about 2017: The Year of Women in Legal Tech.

“This was a year in which so many of the companies and organizations making news had women founders or executives. There was Bahar Ansari, co-founder of, who is disrupting practice management with her pay-by-the-case pricing; Nicole Bradick, cofounder and chief strategy officer of CuroLegal, who this year played key roles in helping to launch the Legal Checkup for Veterans and the Hate Crime Help app; Carol Lynn Grow, owner and VP of marketing at, which was recently nominated for a Microsoft People’s Choice Award; Anna McGrane, COO of PacerPro, who this year was named to the Fastcase 50; Laura Safdie, cofounder, COO and GC of Casetext; Janine Sickmeyer, CEO and founder of the NextChapter bankruptcy platform; and Tracy Stevens, vice president of product and design at MyCase, who I interviewed during a visit there last June.”

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